Kickstarter 2015

Right. I said I was done with this blog, but I’ll return just for this:

We just set up a Kickstarter for Pocket Vinyl’s upcoming album. We’re asking for $5,000, but we’re also rising to a bunch of really cool and worth-the-money rewards. Plus, this will be our very first full-length/12″ vinyl record, and it will be a coloured vinyl!

So please, click the link, check out the lots of very hard work we’ve put into this album & artwork, and considering backing our project. Thank you.



I’m scaling back, and won’t be updating here much anymore, for now.

If you’re interested in keeping in touch, you can follow my art here:

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A Couple Shows, a Couple More Shows


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Shows! We have a Pocket Vinyl show tomorrow, so I’ll talk about those first and save the LCAF for another post.

December 6: the Loft (house show), Westfield, MA

It was our first show in almost a month, but it didn’t feel like it. Especially since Eric had played that new album house show and I’d sort of played a show in Labrador (more on that later). The show was in the attic-type loft of a girl’s house (Mariah, who’d seen us a few times previously and owned a framed show painting that welcomed us when we entered the house!) For the small space, quite a few people squeezed in and the show started with singer/songwriter ANDYHASABANDWishbone Zoë, who’d set up the show, did a really awesome set second, with banjo and looping her voice and creating percussion with lots of make-shift instruments. Shew reminded both Eric & I a lot of Tune-Yards. We finished up the night with the final set. Our friend Chris came out to see us and got the painting (this is their 4th painting I think…?Untitled-5

(By the way, my 5+ year old camera just busted. We’re taking it to the camera doctor today to see if it can be saved, but that’s why these show photos don’t have our usual crisp imagery. Thank you Photoshop.)

December 7: Muchmore’s, Brooklyn, NY

(We missed Prince William & Kate and the Black-Lives-Matter protests by one day. I’d lie if I claimed I wasn’t disappointed.)

As I’d said before, we typically avoid NYC shows ($15 just in tolls to enter the city, plus chaotic traffic, plus a history of not the best shows), but this show was really fun! We got the show because of a handful of people who’d come out to see us during our last Brooklyn show, at the Way Station.

Muchmore’s was pretty friendly and I really liked the size of it; it was comfortable. We met up with our friend Scott who was visiting from Wisconsin, and his brother Tim. After the stand-up show was over (this bar has a lot going on) we got on stage for the first set. The little show space is separate from the bar, and had a good little crowd, even if most of it was the other bands. I painted a Yeti again, even though I said I was done with Yetis. I like Yetis.

(By the way, I have a set of 4 hand-pulled screen-printed Yeti & friends art pieces on my Etsy site right now from my past Yeti paintings. You should check them out and maybe buy some for a Christmas gift for your Yeti-loving friends.)


A group called Milk Dick did a set of short humorous songs, then Darling Din, who’d helped us get the show (Lisa’s voice is spectacular), then NoPop finished the night.

Now, upcoming shows this week!

We return to Two Boots in Bridgeport, CT after 4 1/2 years tomorrow night! Facebook event here.

Saturday, December 13: TWO New London shows!

4:00 PM (early afternoon show) at the Telegraph record store. We’re hoping to do a little video for an NPR spot, so it’d be awesome if a bunch of people were there. You know, to make it look neat. Also, a perfect excuse to pick up vinyl Christmas gifts! Facebook event here.

10:30 PM (late show) at the Oasis with The Friendly Ghost. Most likely our last show of the year. Facebook event here.

Hope to see you at these New London shows! Thanks for the support!

House Show, & Labrador


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This past Friday night we hosted our first house show. But it wasn’t like normal house shows… Eric’s been working for the past bunch of months on a good-sized collection of new songs for our upcoming album. He wants to take a break from his piano-slam-rock and work on an entire album of quiet and contemplative songs. So he invited a whole bunch of people over to crowd into our living room, gave everyone a packet of the lyrics of all the new songs he’s been working on, and quietly went through every single one while we all jotted down our criticisms in the margins. The entire event was incredibly stressful for him, but I’m really proud that he’d want to work at improving his songwriting skills by putting himself out there like this. Plus, he got some really amazing feedback and will be working on fine-tuning this new album over the next few months. Also, not sure if you were aware, but he’s planning on not shaving until this new album comes out. (Also, I made dinosaur cookies for the event. Because why not?)Untitled-1On a completely unrelated note: I’m leaving on Tuesday, November 18 I fly up to Happy Valley-Goose Bay in Labrador, Canada to be a part of the Labrador Creative Arts Festival until the American Thanksgiving. I’ll be joining a whole bunch of other artists (mainly performing artists) in teaching workshops to kids in Labrador from a bunch of different schools. So. That should be interesting.

Last Weekend in Maine


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Last weekend we were in Maine!

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but we love Maine. It has got to be the best State. I love how up north it is, I love the Maine culture, I love the cold and the woods. So great.

November 7: Local Sprouts, Portland, ME.

Somehow we missed the fact that this venue is a restaurant and that we’d be expected to be background music to the dinner crowd and not an actual “show”. It took some adjusting, but we pulled it off on their tiny stage. For the first hour Eric played only instrumental songs and I did a very detailed half of a painting. Then after an intermission we finished up the night with an “actual” show (with lyrics) and I completed the painting of a fisher fellow creating a nautical scene from his pipe smoke: Untitled-2After the show Local Sprouts fed us really well and gave us these amazing hot hard cider cocktails with spices and whiskey and rum. Delicious! We packed up as the venue closed and found a Walmart parking lot down the road to sleep in. Our first night in the car since… spring maybe? It was not easy, I think we forgot how to get a good night’s rest in the car. Oh well.

October 8: the Rock & Art Shop, Bangor, ME.

Before heading up to Bangor we took our time wandering around Freeport and Brunswick. Tim Horton’s of course. (Another BIG reason to love Maine!) The L.L. Bean store where we traded in Eric’s 0ºF sleeping bag for a new one (it’d been losing its warmth over years of use), got breakfast at a cute little cafe, went through all the vinyl at Bull Moose, and saw Birdman at Brunswick’s little indie theater (good weird movie, I recommend it, especially if you’re into theater: the entire film was shot to look like it was one continuous take). Also, once we got to Bangor, we saw great piles of snow for the first time this season! I love snow. Untitled-4Our show that night was our third time performing at the Rock & Art Shop. It’s such an amazing place; I love going through and checking out the hundreds of different beautiful stones, fossils, plants, handmade gifts. If you get the chance you need to stop in there. Plus, I just want to buy one of everything whenever we’re there!

The show was awesome. The venue was packed and Eric performed our first-ever actual encore! (I stepped aside and watched, since the painting was done.) I painted a giant man whose beard is a bear… Untitled-5After the show we signed the wall in the Rock & Art Shop’s basement, next to the first signature from the 1920s. The basement is almost as cool as the shop, filled with boxes of extra merchandise, including a flat of taxidermied ducklings…

Unfortunately because of our poor sleep in the car the night before and because we had to be in Boston by the next morning, we turned in early in Chris & Annette’s living room (the shop owners).

Up and out before 6:00 AM, we stopped to see if we could meet the Fresh Banana Man at the Kennebunk Southbound Service Plaza, but we always stop on Sunday mornings and I don’t think he works Sunday mornings. Oh well. His bananas were lined up nicely though. Then on to meet up with one of Eric’s old college friends for gluten-free pancakes near Boston!

Thanks for another awesome weekend, Maine!


Eric’s 29th


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Yesterday was Eric’s Birthday, and it was such a wonderful day!

To start out, he wanted to make me breakfast, continuing his theme of doing fun little gifts for me on his own Birthday (4 years ago he surprised me by proposing on his Birthday). Then the Cake Box set that I’d pre-ordered months ago arrived on our doorstep! It is so glorious. Then we headed off to New London and got ourselves both some new tattoos! Then we used a Birthday gift card from Eric’s parents to grab a gluten-free dinner (Eric’s going full gluten-free for all of November). Then we came home, where we discovered that Eric’s micro board game Pushee Pieces got fully funded on Kickstarter in less than 24 hours! (There’s still a bunch of stretch goals, so please go check it out and support it to help us reach some of those stretch goals! Plus, the game is super fun, so you might just want a copy!) Then I discovered that I’d made my very first sale on my Etsy site!! (If you haven’t already, please check out my shop. I added a couple new items today!) Then, a bunch of Eric’s friends showed up for a surprise party I planned to eat ice cream and play the new board game I got him!

We both agreed, it was a pretty wonderful Birthday. Untvyhjitled-1In unrelated news, tomorrow we head into the cold forests of Maine, for two Pocket Vinyl shows over the weekend:

Friday, November 7, we’ll be at the Local Sprouts Co-op in Portland, Maine.

Saturday, November 8, we’ll be back at the Rock & Art Shop, in Bangor, Maine.

See you tomorrow, Maine!

Introducing My Etsy Shop


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I finally decided to take a risk and open up my very own Etsy shop. It’s a risk, because Etsy seriously nickle-and-dimes you like crazy. It’s not a ton, just enough to be irritating. So potentially, I could be listing tons of art pieces for sale online, investing in essentially renting shop space from Etsy, and losing money.

On the other hand, Etsy is an online sale space that people understand. It’s easier for you to point, click, and pay online within the bounds of a neat little shop.

So, this will be my Christmas-time experiment. I’m hoping to make a bunch of Christmas sales, but that all depends. We’ll see how this goes.

I have already listed a whole bunch of original paintings at very reasonable prices, as well as a bunch of carefully hand-knitted socks (I work on those while we’re driving around the country on tour). The socks are super warm and perfect for chilly winter snow-days. (And I checked, my prices for knitted socks on Etsy are a bit cheaper than other sellers.) I’ll be adding a few more items over the next few days.

Anyways, at the very least I hope you check out the shop. The next awesome favor you could do for me would be to like/favourite/follow my Etsy shop. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, you could, I dunno, go ahead and buy something or whatever… Here’s the link, in case you didn’t pick up the bunches o’ other times I posted it within this blog:

kthxbye. image (29)

The End of the October Tour


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October 23: Electric Maid, Washington, DC.

Pretty uneventful drive from Appomattox to DC. And thankfully, no one robbed us while we were in the city! So it was a good day. When we arrived at the venue we were surprised with the news that a 4th band had been added to the lineup, and that we had to be done by 10:00. That meant the show needed to start less than 15 minutes after we arrived and we each only had about a 1/2 hour to play, with hopefully very quick changeovers. A two-piece by the name of Yuck Finn started things out, then another two-piece from Australia. We went up third and did a very quick set with a very quick painting. The crowd was pretty tiny except for the other bands, but two girls did come out just to see us and were very enthusiastic during the show! They got the painting and we found out that they knew us from our shows with the Arts House at Franklin & Marshal! I love those Lancaster shows. Untitled-1The 4th and final band of the night was Vim & Vigor, a super fun 6-piece. After the show we packed up and headed to Baltimore, to spend the night with my brother Ben & his wife Tamika. I’d missed seeing my brother last time, so it was really great to get to stay up and hang out with the two of them for a while.

October 24: The Desultory Theater Club at Arts Desire in Torrington, CT – Last show of tour!

Tamika & my niece & nephew had to leave early in the morning for school, and since we had one of our longest drives on tour up to Connecticut (heading up toward Harrisburg to avoid Philly & NYC), we decided to leave Baltimore at the same time. Somewhere outside of York we found a diner to get breakfast and to just sit over tea for a little while. The day before I’d begun to notice some irritation in the back of my throat, and as we continued north it turned into a full-on cold, with soar throat, runny nose, and general overall weakness. So glad we only had one show left and then we’d be home!

We arrived in Torrington, CT with just enough time to take a short walk around downtown before meeting up with Keith at The Arts Desire, an artist community space for lessons and those wine & paint sessions. I was feeling terrible and avoided getting too close to friends while Eric loaded in. But ibuprofen, caffeine, and adrenalin kicked in halfway through our show and by the end I was feeling much better! Our friend Castle took this really awesome time lapse vine, where you can watch the entire show in about 5 seconds! You really should check it out.

Also, our friend Kurt took this video of one of the songs during the show.

Eric & our friend Nikki have been online friends with a guy named Jim from England for years, and he was visiting the States and not only came to see the show, but also got the bid on the painting. We took it home with us and will be shipping it to him once it’s dry. Untftg'itled-1A great final show to our 24 day, 24 show Octour!

Then, we went home. So, so good to be home again, to sleep in our own bed, to be still. It was a spectacular tour. Some of our best shows, some of our craziest memories, and definitely the most eventful tour we’ve ever had! Also, and this is a milestone: This was our first tour ever where we did not sleep in the car once!

Thanks for all the support.

Two Very Different Cemeteries


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Tour’s been over for a few days now, so I should catch up on how the last couple of shows went.

October 21: Acoustic Coffeehouse, Johnson City, TN.

It was a bit of a drive between Nashville and Johnson City. Plus, we finally crossed back over into EST, so we lost an hour. But we still had a bit of wiggle room and took a short detour to visit an African Burial Ground not too far off the highway. The fenced in cemetery had been used to bury slaves from nearby plantations. It was awfully jarring to survey an entire cemetery of hundreds without a single grave marker. Only recently was a stone set up to honor the dead, but even it admitted that there is no record as to who these individuals were.

We arrived in Johnson City early enough to go say hi to our friend Jocelyn before going over the to venue. We’ve played shows at the Acoustic Coffeehouse, I dunno, 4, 5, 6 times now? They treat us well here, and every show seems to improve over the last one! They fed us double veggie burgers before the show. What? I have never heard of double veggie burgers before. I painted two narwhals together and the guy who took the painting home has already gotten two previous paintings! rfhb1After our show we went back to Jocelyn’s for the night on their futon.

October 22: Baine’s Books and Coffee, Appomattox, VA.

After a spicy egg breakfast and coffee with friends, we were off toward the north. We had a lot of long drives ahead of us, but would be home so soon, after 3 1/2 weeks straight of shows every night.

We decided to get to Appomattox early, as people had encouraged us to check out some of the historical sites the area has to offer. The Civil War came to a close here, and we went to look at preserved fields, houses, roads, and cemeteries. I love setting foot in historical locations (going to Ephesus in Turkey a bunch of years back blew my mind), but it was a little unnerving to see confederate flags flying over grave sites, especially after visiting the grave sites of African slaves the day before. Untigyutled-1This was our second time to Baine’s and everyone there was really nice. Allison & Aaron, who’d gotten the painting during our last visit to Appomattox were there again, got the painting again, and offered us their guest room again. The show was finished relatively early (compared to some of our shows), so we stayed up for hours with Allison & Aaron, drinking and talking and laughing. It was really wonderful, though I couldn’t help feeling bad for them having to get up early to go to work the next day. They let us sleep in and lock up as we left, which was so nice.


More Yeti Adventures


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October 19: Two-Tone Art Gallery, Murfreesboro, TN.

We left our cozy hotel room on Sunday and stopped over at the Old Stone Fort in Coffee County, TN, a large 2,000 year old Native American structure. Pretty fascinating. We then continued on to Murfreesboro (stopping for wifi and a very fall-themed coffee) for our show at Two-Tone. It went amazingly. The little gallery was full of people who were all very attentive and enthusiastic; a great show to have after a lot of small shows throughout the south over the past week. We shared that stage with Genie, Child of God for their EP release. I painted a yeti riding Loch Ness, and although the two guys in the photo signed the model release form, they also suggested I photoshop the yeti & Loch Ness’ heads onto their’s. Untitled-1Afterwards a guy offered us his apartment for the night. His entire apartment. As in, he crashed at someone else’s place so that we could get a good night’s sleep on his own bed, use his shower, drink his coffee. (Also, his apartment was really nice!) We were both in awe that someone who’d literally just met us would be so giving and open with basically all of his possessions! It was really nice to have a bed and to be able to sleep in without worrying about someone waiting on us.

October 20: Springwater, Nashville, TN.

(A few years ago the Black Keys shot a video at this venue.)

We left Murfreesboro and headed for a Jerry’s Artarama location outside Nashville (an artist from the gallery the night before had told me about this art supply store that sells supplies for a bit cheaper than most other art stores). While there, picking up necessities and yearning over unnecessities, we overheard some people talking about a dollar theater nearby. The cashier pointed us just up the road to the theater. We were a 1/2 hour early for any showings, so we wandered around one of the creepiest mostly abandoned malls ever. Seriously, it was a pretty huge 2-story mall and maybe 10 shops or food places were actually open. Definitely a zombie mall if I’ve ever seen one. Then we watched the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes for $1.50 each. We loved it and now both want to see all of the Planet of the Apes movies!

Anyway, after the movie we went to see Zach from Fable Cry real quick, before he had to head off to a Birthday party and we had to head off to our show. (BTW, Fable Cry releases a new music video today! And based on the set (in Zach’s living room that we slept in; I’m sitting in a chair from the set in the first photo) it looks like it’ll be amazing!) (Also, I love the framed Crusades comic by their housemate George. Please check out his Instagram, especially the Pinup Poe-ses. Amazing.)Untitled-2Springwater was a Monday show, so it went as Monday shows usually go. One of the bands never showed up, and the crowd was very very small. But the opener, Kirabelle, was awesome. And she added Josh last minute as a cello player, who we found out is actually in Fable Cry. So it was great meeting him. Plus, the entire staff at Springwater was amazing, leading to a bidding war between a few of them, ending with a fight between Kirabelle and Mike the bartender (guess who won, based on the above photo). Then back to Zach’s place to spend the night on the (very comfy) couch.

Side note: I’ve been loving these yetis, but I think this is my last one (at least for this tour). Though I’m considering making them into mini screen prints. So I might sell some of those in the near future.