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Saturday morning (March 24) we woke up in Burlington, Vermont, and our awesome host Jacqueline took us on some adventures around this sweet little area of the world. First we stopped at a maple festival at a winery. We tasted shots of maple syrup, maple syrup on snow…

…and some delicious wines at the winery.

We also scooted down the road a little to have some vodka, gin, & rum tastings at this teeny but internationally award winning distillery.

In the evening we headed downtown for our Pocket Vinyl show at the Skinny Pancake…

They have amazing food here (mainly crepes) and even vegan dishes! And they gave us a food tab, which is always so welcomed, since most of our meals on the road are dry cereal and peanut butter sandwiches.

It was a really cute spot. We played two sets…

…and in the end, Jacqueline’s boyfriend Scott ended up winning the bid on the painting: