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Pocket Vinyl actually had 2 shows in Burlington, Vermont, and it was so nice of Jacqueline to let us stay at her place the entire time we were there.

With our free day in Burlington (before our show Sunday night, March 25) Eric and I had planned to see the Hunger Games. Eric and I had read all three books last summer and really got involved and loved them, and we were so excited, if incredibly cautious. We’ve seen quite a few movies from books that are just awful, and we were both dreading that the movies would be far too Hollywood and change far too many of the things that makes the books so good.

But, the movie was spectacular! So good and, next to Lord of the Rings, one of the closest book-to-movie adaptations I’ve ever seen! Even some of the things they changed slightly actually added to the story as a whole. Eric and I were both so impressed. Though we are very curious to see what someone who hasn’t read the books things f the movie… Let me know what you think.

After that we had to go to the Magic Hat Brewery…

This was our third time there, we love walking through the tour and getting samples of beers we’d never be able to find at other bars. A new favorite of mine is the Juniper Rye, which, unfortunately for me, is only on tap and only in Vermont! Darn.

We wasted the rest of the day interneting at a nearby Starbucks. I have mixed feelings about that place: unlike many coffee snobs, I like their drinks (especially the slushy-coffee-fraps), but I don’t like the big-business-huge-consumerist-chain, but I like the comfortable atmosphere and dependable wifi (when I lived in Asian and needed a break, I loved spending an hour or two “escaping” at a Starbucks), but I don’t like how enormously expensive their drinks are!! But, I also can’t help feeling guilty using their internet without purchasing anything (and that’s because of the employees, btw, not the company itself.) On that day though, I could avoid all these dilemmas within myself because I had a coupon for a free drink!! So, I guess I like Starbucks when I can get drinks from them for free the best.

In the evening we headed to our final Burlington gig, at Radio Bean. We’d played there in the past, it’s a decent venue, and the locals seem to really like it. It was a bit tough at first though, because the band before us didn’t finish up their set until a half hour past when we were suppose to start. It’s hard not to feel disrespected and then get kind of depressed and wonder if we’ll even get to play when something like that happens.

It turned out ok though (seems like it always does). We were encouraged to play a full set, even with our late start. The painting went to a girl who gave it to the bartender (who she out bidded for it):

After our set this amazingly talent group of guys got up and this a really fun pure pop set, including a handful of excellent covers. Oh, and they called themselves Bible Camp Sleepovers. They were awesome.

And those were our Burlington experiences. I realize this post is all over the place and covers a whole ton of topics, but we had a lot of adventures and I wanted to share them!