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Wednesday, the 28th of March, was Pocket Vinyl’s most recent show. It was our second time playing at the Grape Room in Manayunk (Philly), and the line-up for this show was almost exactly the same as our first show! Weird odds.

This time the show opened with Hugo (who’d played last the previous time).

To be honest, I was allowing a bad mood to get the best of me; I guess I was just wondering if the whole living-off-our-art thing was even possible, and if we’d have to completely give it up for financial reasons. I was tired of playing to practically empty rooms, and I was tired of worrying we wouldn’t sell the painting. I was just tired.

To help combat this a little, and because the crowd was pretty small (and people kept leaving before we even got on stage), Eric decided we’d split the show with our good friend Andrew Clotworthy. Andrew was scheduled to play after our set, but they agreed that he would play a half set and then Eric would play a half set, and I would paint during both of them.

It did turn out to be an interesting change, painting next to Andrew. And, as usual, once I got on stage & painting most of my worries and depression went away.

After the show a couple approached us who’d been inside, and they let us know that they’d come on recommendation of our mutual Corning, NY friends, Nicole & Derrick. That was pretty cool and uplifting to hear. Then Hugo’s girlfriend bid on the painting (after buying Andrew & I some shots), so it was nice to have that worry banished.

Hugo’s girlfriend was talking about the painting with me while we were sitting at the bar, and observed how at first it was sad, because it seemed like the girl was unhappy even though she had the entire sun to herself. Then she changed her mind, and said it seemed hopeful, because even when you might feel sad, you still at least have the sun. Her observations kind of inspired me. I won’t give up, at least not today.