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Monday’s are one of the hardest days to get shows, so quite often while we’re on tour, we have Monday’s off. Fortunately for us, our really good college friends Jesse & Jessica & Orion live between our Burlington Sunday show and our Lancaster Tuesday show, and they are also super welcoming and hospitable and invited us to hang out at their place for that Monday night! (March 26)

The Jesses (as we call them) just bought their beautiful little log house, which is so amazing to me, since pretty much everyone I know at our level is still renting apartments. They seem so grown up! Haha. They fixed up an apartment in their basement for Orion to live in, and I have to admit, I’m a bit envious of this living situation where they all get to hang out with each other whenever they like! It’s just like college again, but better! Pretty awesome.

(By the way, when we left on tour I was wearing shorts & a tank top. By the time we left Burlington it was snowing!! I couldn’t believe how much the weather changed in just a few days and a couple hundred miles!)

In the evening a few of their friends from the area came over for their weekly Bible Study. Orion was telling us it has been one of his favorite things he’s been involved in over the past few years; and I admit, it was another thing that made me slightly envious, but also really happy to get to be a part of for that night.

Oh also, Eric & Jesse are cousins. (But I was friends with Jesse before I met Eric.) It’s cool to be related to friends now!

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but seriously, hanging out with good friends is the best part of touring; I love getting to stay in close contact with so many friends, even though we’re scattered all over the map right now. I hope that never changes; these are the friends I believe we will know and love forever.