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On Tuesday, March 27, we left the Jesse’s place in upstate NY and headed south towards our next Pocket Vinyl show, in Lancaster, PA. It was pretty cool to watch the seasons change slightly as we drove: more buds on trees & sprouts poking through the ground, then beautiful flowered trees in pink, white, & purple, then much more greenery on trees and growing along the ground. It was like we were moving through spring.

Our show was our second time playing at Annie Bailey’s

although we usually end up becoming background music to this very Irish pub, the venue itself always treats us very well, giving us a nice guarantee along with a food tab (and they have great food & beer on tap there).

The guy who books us, Kyle, bought the painting for the second time, and told us he’s considering hanging it in the bar. (He doesn’t like having is photo taken though, so he always has one of the servers be in the photo.)

We got out of there pretty late, and had to drop off our borrowed sound system before we could continue on a late drive towards Elizabethtown. I love Elizabethtown, and not just because it’s named after me (heh), but also because one of my best friends (Journey) lives there! And even though she had to get up early to go to work, she still stayed up to hang out!

We use to live together in Corning, NY, and I miss getting to hang out all the time. She’s such a good friend, so open and welcoming and hospitable. Again, an amazingly good friend that I’m sure I’ll have forever.