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Last night (Friday, March 30th), after a day off with my older brother and his family, Pocket Vinyl had a show in Baltimore, Maryland, at Joe Squared at Station North. They claim a hold on the “best pizza in Baltimore”, and gave Eric & I a huge vegan pizza for playing! Always so awesome to get food on the house at our venues.

Oh and also, awesomest thing ever: When we first walked in we were greeted by my really good old college friend, Shawn!

(I love the photo bomb going on here.)

We started our set close to 10:00, and Shawn got a whole bunch of photos while we played, which was sweet:

After our show, my brother Ben & his wife Tamika’s band, The Black Marks, played a set (we played with them once before back in December).

During the night, Shawn & us had befriended a guy named Mark, who told us that he’s been taking dance lessons for years and that he often stops by Joe Squared to see if there are any bands to dance to. He was a really interesting, friendly guy, and he really got things going on the dance floor during the Black Marks’ set (I even danced with him once!)…

We weren’t nearly as elegant in our dancing as Mark, but a whole bunch of us got out onto the dance floor; and Shawn’s face in this makes it my favorite photo from the night:

My painting from the night entered a fairly intense bidding war between Ben & Tamika, Shawn, and Melissa & Rory (Melissa is a friend of Eric’s and had gotten the final bid on the painting the last time we played near Baltimore). In the end, Melissa & Rory won out, scoring their second Pocket Vinyl painting and setting the record for the highest bid on one of our paintings at a show yet!!

As the Black Marks’ set wound down, we began to pack up and said our goodnights. It was sad to say goodbye to Shawn, but we’re also so excited and looking forward to getting to hang out in the next couple of days: Eric and I have the next few days off and so Shawn has invited us to stay at his & his wife’s place here in Baltimore. Shawn is great; I wish everyone could have a relationship like the one I have with him.