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Not long before we headed out on tour, I was contacted by Brian to do a rush painting commission as a gift for his wife. He told me how he wanted the painting to look, and stressed how much she loves Japanese cherry blossoms.

For anyone who doesn’t know, I spent a semester in Japan studying a few years ago, and it was spectacular. I miss it and I hold a special fondness now for most things Japanese. Brian wanted a female figure in the painting, so I decided to loosely base her off my good friend Rise.

To start out, I did up a charcoal sketch and sent it off to Brian:

Once he ok’d the sketch, I went to work painting it right away (like I said, this was a rush job and I needed it to dry before I could ship it).

The birds are actually a kind found in Japan.

And finally, here it is completely finished:

Brian was very happy with it, and told me that his wife loved it. Success.