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We left Shawn’s this past Tuesday, March 3rd, and headed south for our very first Virginia show, and the most south Pocket Vinyl has ever played!! We had a show at a school that reminded both Eric and I very much for our own alma mater, Houghton College up in WNY. The show took place at Common Grounds, a coffee shop located in the basement of one of the buildings at Eastern Mennonite University. We’d gotten to EMU early and spent some relaxing time hanging around their nice college lawns as the sun went down.

The show was great, people really came out to pack out the place, and everyone was so friendly and attentive. We even had a surprise meeting with an old friend Eric hadn’t seen in 7 years! And the daughter of the art secretary from Houghton, who I know, came and introduced herself as well! It was a night of surreal interactions.

Someone at the show snapped this a posted it on-line:

And here’s the painting from that night, with the guy who’d actually set the show up for us: