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Last night we had our first of three shows in Blacksburg, Virginia (you know, the place famous for Virginia Tech). Everything about last night was the perfect introduction for Pocket Vinyl into this area. We played at She-Sha, an awesome hookah lounge downtown that treated us amazingly. When we first showed up they gave us a delicious vegan meal of falafel & hummus (soooo delicious!! I love falafel so much!!) and a couple cans of Brooklyn Summer Ale. (Not only is Brooklyn a brewery I trust to be pretty great no matter what, but the summer ale is my favorite. So glad summer’s coming!!)

We opened the night and the place was packed. People were so kind and constantly came up to say hi afterwards. We advertised our next couple of shows here in Blacksburg, so hopefully we made a few fans who’ll come again and bring friends! Jon, the manager/boss guy at She-Sha won the bid on the painting:

After we finished our set Jordan of Gaffer Project got up and performed some beautiful lyrically-driven songs, very much heavily inspired by Aaron Weiss‘ earlier work (afterwards Jordan mentioned that Catch For Us the Foxes is a much-loved favorite). It was awesome to listen to, and he got a great response from the crowd as well.

Oh and during Jordan’s set She-Sha let us have a free smoke on a hookah; it definitely brought me back to fun times hanging out with college friends and my couple of weeks in Turkey.

As She-Sha closed up for the night, Jon invited us back to his apartment to crash, so it was nice to not have to sleep in the car. Now we’re hanging around Blacksburg, getting work done and waiting for our show tonight at the XYZ Gallery here in town. (And I’m finally caught up on my blog posts!)