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At the beginning of April we had a couple days off, and Shawn had invited us down to his place near Annapolis, MD. So we said our goodbyes to my brother & his family and drove towards Shawn’s on April 1st. The next couple of days were fun-filled hanging out with Shawn, our other good friend Jon who lives nearby, and Shawn’s wife Rachel. Such good friends and so much fun! We explored some around downtown Annapolis (a pretty adorable old town; I love old buildings & streets), went out for beers, got to hear & play around with Apple products (both Shawn & Jon work at Apple), played Frisbee & explored the woods and just had a great time.

It was another of those experiences where I am so incredibly happy that Eric and I are blessed enough to be able to travel all over and visit so many good friends; and stay in real contact, past the occasional wedding & Facebook. Experiences like these make me want to be so much more intentional about the relationships that I have, because relationships are one of the most important things we’ll encounter in this life. Experiences like this make me want to improve my listening skills, and not just that, but my empathy & caring skills (that sounds weird to say, but you get the idea).