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Well, I’m pretty far behind already, so I’m going to try to take some of my time today to get things caught up.

The last couple days in March we spent in Baltimore with my brother Ben, sister-in-law Tamika, and their adorable kids Nya and Arion. Seriously, the cutest kids in the entire world, no competition at all (and I can say that, cuz I’m their aunt).

On March 31st Pocket Vinyl had a show close to Baltimore, at the Transfiguration Episcopal Church in Silver Spring. The whole thing was set up a lot like our show in New Castle, PA, at Lovelight. They had a dinner beforehand in their fellowship hall (they even made us vegan soup!), and then about an hour into dinner Eric & I started playing our set. It went really well; there were a good amount of people out to see us and the painting entered a bit of a bidding war. We had a fun time.

And after our set it was back to Ben & Tamika’s for our last night with them.