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How about some art? I completed 2 commission paintings days before we headed out on this current Pocket Vinyl tour, and recently the commissioner Corrine, a girl who’d interviewed us a while back for New London’s local zine, let me know that she received them (I had a friend hold onto them until she was in town to pick them up). And, since I have a bit of time right now, I figured I’d post about them.

The first painting commission was for herself. She wanted something that involved this monster, trees similar to these, and a bit of a fall theme like this. (All these paintings can be seen on my Facebook art site, btw.) She also sent photos of the colours in her bedroom, so I could make a painting that would fit nicely into that setting.

I started with a pencil sketch…

And I painted the piece during those amazingly warm days we had in Connecticut in March; I literally got a sunburn in mid-March but it was so wonderful to be able to paint outside!! Here’s the progression:

And here it is done!

Here’s closeups of the monster and what I did with the trees:

Corrine was really happy with the final product and told me it looks great in her room. It’s always so great to hear from people satisfied with pieces they commissioned!