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The second painting Corrine commissioned me to do was one for her niece. This painting I can confidently say is what has inspired the recent narrative direction my Pocket Vinyl paintings have been taking over this recent tour. Thank’s Corrine!

She asked for something that represented her little niece (she sent me photos) and wanted a tree inspired by the one in this previous Pocket Vinyl painting I did last year. I again started with a pencil sketch:

I wanted to paint outside again, but when I started (around 8:00 in the morning) it was so cold. I set up on the porch and bundled up in a couple layers of hoodies.

Here in the painting I’ve put down an ocher ground and started sketching the image onto the canvas:

As the sun came out and started warming things, I slowly began peeling off layers and moved into the direct sunlight.

Since I had sunburn from my previous painting experience, I turned the painting every once in a while so I wouldn’t get super burned on one side.

And here it is, all finished! I’m super happy with how this came out (and Corrine loves it too! Yay!)

Here’s a close-up of the girl, who Corrine says captures her niece just right. That makes me so happy!