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After another long day hanging out at Starbucks and the library again, Pocket Vinyl had their second show in Blacksburg, Virginia and it was awesome. We played at a little second story entirely student-run art gallery called XYZ right downtown. (They printed out a HUGE poster of our’s and hung it at the top of the stairs.)

When we first showed up there was next to no one there, but people began trickling in slowly until we started. By the time we finished our set the place was packed with people standing in doorways trying to see in. Everyone was amazing and responsive and seemed to love our show, it was great! We sold a whole mess of t-shirts & cds too, and kept having to put more out, and it seemed like so many people wanted to ask questions & talk that we couldn’t spread ourselves out enough! It was definitely wonderful for our band/art esteem. These are the kinds of shows we’d love to be able to play all the time: where people come out to see us, not just because we happen to be playing in a bar they’re in, and where people really listen to the music.

Here’s a photo someone at the show took, during our performance:

The painting went for a good price as well. And I really like how this one turned out:

And here’s us with the painting and the students running the XYZ Gallery (also a photo from someone else):

Possibly one of our favorite shows of this tour so far!