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Last night was our 3rd and final Pocket Vinyl show in Blacksburg, and this time it was actually on the Virginia Tech campus. Which is crazy huge!! Eric & I went to Houghton College, which is around 1,500 students. VT enrolls around 30,000!! Crazy!! Students basically take over the entire area; walking around downtown Blacksburg at night, the place is swarmed. Just crazy.

Soon after we arrived we met up with Steve, the guy who sets up the Friday night on-campus shows, and he got us dinner in the cafeteria. Eric and I were both so amazed at the hugeness and the tons of choices in the cafeteria, and Steve told us it was only one of 7 they have on campus!! What-the-what?! Good food too, apparently the school has some farmland nearby where they grow organic foods that end up in the cafeteria. Neato.

The show was taking place directly below this massive cafeteria, in a side room of a coffee shop called Deet’s Place. The night started around 7:30 with an open mic that featured quite a few very talented individuals with sometimes improvised, sometimes planned, rap & poetry.

After they finished up Eric set up his piano and this local guy named Mark took to the stage, playing on Eric’s piano and doing a small handful of covers (the Tom Waits one was a favorite of mine!)

Now, maybe it was because this was Good Friday and a lot of kids went home for Easter, maybe it was because it was a dry event and a lot of kids would rather be drinking downtown, but this show had a much smaller turnout compared to our past 2 Blacksburg shows. But that didn’t stop us from putting our all into the show and giving it our best. Plus, a good amount of people were in and out of the venue, and stopped once in a while to check out our act, and a couple of really interested and dedicated people stayed for the entire time! Honestly, even if it’s just a couple, it’s always so amazing and encouraging to have people who really listen and really enjoy the set. One fan at a time.

We played two 45 minute sets (and I got to do a more in-depth painting) and during our short break between sets my old Junior Camp Counselor from when I worked at a Salvation Army Camp 4 years ago came up to say hi!! That was amazing and so wonderful! Sadah was just a little high schooler when we roomed together that summer, and now she’s finishing up her 3rd year at Virginia Tech. She couldn’t stay but it was awesome hanging out for a little bit.

At the end of our second set we cleaned up and the painting went to a couple that had stayed and listened during the entire night. They were so friendly & appreciative, and I was glad they won the bid.

It was a nice quiet end to our Blacksburg shows, and Eric & I are really happy with how things went.

We stopped by She-Sha one last time to say goodbye; Jon wasn’t around so we passed a message to him through his girlfriend Amy. They were both so generous to us, letting us sleep on their floor twice while we were in town. Jon said we can play another show on our way back through on May 11th, so we’ll see them again.

We hopped in the car and drove towards North Carolina, sleeping in the car at a rest stop (we’re getting good at it, and we both slept great last night!). Tonight we play our first NC show, at Creatures Cafe in Asheville. See you on the road.