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I am exhausted and gross. I think I got 4 hours of sleep last night and I haven’t showered in 3 days.

Sorry, that’s a kind of grumpy way to start out on this Eastern Sunday. But goodness, it’s been a weird day.

Yesterday we were in North Carolina. That was also weird. We were driving, driving, driving and things seemed pretty flat. Then suddenly we were in these amazingly gorgeous mountains! Then out of nowhere we ended up in this ridiculously adorable artsy town with tons of hipsters running all over the place! It seriously felt like Brigadoon. Asheville is awesome. I would live there, after spending only a few short hours there. We played our show that night at a really sweet Christian coffee shop called Creatures Cafe. They gave us amazing avocado vegan wraps and vegan mango smoothies (our last vegan meal of our 47 day lent fast). We played some Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit while we waited to start. I need to get that game.

The night started with a very talented singer/songwriter, Aaron LaFalce, who used a lot of looping to get these incredibly full sounds in his songs.

And after our set (we played second) he was actually the one who ended up going home with the painting.

Closing out the night was a worship band calling themselves The Change. The main guy bought a Pocket Vinyl t-shirt beforehand and worse it during his set, which was flattering. The were really sweet and we talked for a while afterwards.

We didn’t have any place to sleep that night, so we ended up sleeping in the car again, this time in the corner of a Walmart parking lot. We got there really late (or I guess really early the next morning), and woke up at 6:30 on Easter morning so we could make it to a sunrise service.

I’d scouted out a United Methodist church a few days earlier so we would have a place to go. This church was awesome. Seriously, another reason to live in Asheville: they played southern country folk music as their worship songs and the pastor was this artistic musical southern woman with big red hair that just beamed joy and big loud love. The service ended with us all standing out on a grassy hill behind the church singing. Afterwards we were all invited into the basement for an Easter breakfast and Eric and I got to break our lent fast with egg & cheese casseroles. The people who sat with us were all so incredibly friendly and welcoming. I want so badly to go to a church like this. Seriously, that would be the best thing ever.

By 8:30 we were leaving Asheville (which apparently, is considered “Beer City, USA”… and ironically Eric and I didn’t have a beer once the entire time we were there).

The drive between Asheville & Johnson City, Tennessee is amazing: sooo incredibly gorgeous. Eric and I put on some Old Crow Medicine Show and hit repeat on Wagon Wheel more then once (we’ve visited practically every place he sings about in that song).

Johnson City is strange. It confuses me. And it’s hard to explain. We got here before 11:00, so we decided to stop in at another United Methodist church service, but this one was so much different then the first one: the church was huge and the service took place in a gym with huge screens and stuff. The guy sitting next to us was friendly. He works at the Dr Enuf bottling company and told us to make sure we try some before we leave, since I guess you can only get this kind of soda here and at Cracker Barrels.

After church we found the Eastern Tennessee State University (and a bunny hopped across the sidewalk in front of us as we were walking around. What the what?) and tried to see if we could shower at their gym, but since it’s Easter everything is closed. Except, for some reason, their huge sports stadium. No one was around so we snuck in and check out the huge basketball court. We found showers in the guys’ locker room and Eric wanted to use them, but I was tired and grumpy and not feeling adventurous, so we left.

Across the street from ETSU was this veterans’ hospital with a huge grassy lawn, and we found a little nook to lay down our sleeping bags and try to nap. I was so incredibly tired.

After waking up and feeling slightly less tired (but still unshowered and gross) we decided to put together our Easter basket; I’d gotten the basket at a thrift store in Baltimore and the candy we bought in Blacksburg. And now we could finally eat it!! Hoppy Easter, Hoppy Spring, Hoppy Hoppy Everything! (I always imagine my mom saying that.)

We decided to finally head to our venue where we’re playing tonight, the Acoustic Cafe. Not long after arriving a huge very southern potluck got laid out and we were invited to grab a plat. Surreal. We play in about an hour. Then we have 2 days off. I wonder what weird surreal things will be happening in these next couple of days.