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Waking up yesterday morning, after our 3rd night in a car and without taking a shower, Eric and I both felt more disgusting then we have in a long time…

We pretty much drove straight out to the tiny backwoods mountain town of Unicoi where I’d found a campground we could stay at. We had the next two days off from Pocket Vinyl shows, and when I’d called earlier to ask about the campground, the owner told me in her thick classic southern accent that she had “the best bathhouse is Tennessee!” After staking out our spot by one of the duck ponds we both took a couple of the longest showers ever, and it felt amazing to wash the grime and sweat from our exhausted bodies.

After showering we headed into town to do laundry, and while we were there two young boys walked in with small pythons wrapped around their shoulders with their mom, who showed me pictures of their baby pet squirrel on her cell phone and basically told me her life story (but I admit, at times her accent was so thick I’d miss whole chunks of what she was saying). They also told us tons of horror stories about the poisonous snakes and bears in the area and freaked us out about camping that night.

In the evening we decided to relax watching some Netflix on the campground’s country store’s wifi at a table outside, when I suddenly spotted a bright blue movement in the woods across the river. I had to investigate and discovered a pair of peacocks in the woods! What the what?! They flew over the river and walked right up to me, then flew up onto the roof of the country store!

A guy came out of the country store and told us that this was completely normal. Oh. Ok.

Back at our campsite we built up a fire and huddled against the wind in our sleeping bags with some Yuenglings before falling asleep under the stars…

…Until about 2:00 in the morning when I woke up because of the cold wind and couldn’t fall back asleep because I kept imagining killer bears ripping into our sleeping bags… So we moved into the car. Day 4 straight of sleeping in the car.

This morning geese fighting in the pond next to us woke us up, the woman at the country store literally said “Y’all come back & tell yer friends, now!” (I feel like I won some kind of Southern points), we visited the Lincoln Memorial University Museum in Cumberland Gap, & passed by the very first ever KFC. And did a bunch of other stuff. Tonight we’re hoping to sleep in a National Forest here in Kentucky. I’ve never been to Kentucky before. Touring is literally the best.