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I’m actually surprised at myself for not posting these next two paintings sooner.

I was contacted by a girl who went to my college about doing two painting commissions for her and her twin sister. Her an her sister have been inseparable most of their lives, but this year all that is going to change when she moves a few states away and her sister gets married. So they wanted two paintings, one for each of them, that could stand alone on their separate walls miles apart, but would also fit perfectly together to show the twin sisterhood bond that they share with one another.

The sister who contacted me spelled out exactly what she wanted: Each painting would depict an animal, their favorite animals, looking towards one another and expressing little speech bubbles of love.

I got to work right away on a charcoal sketch of the two paintings:

Once it was ok’d I got to work on the actual painting:

Finally, the finished pieces; separately:


And finally, side by side:

Edit: Here are the girls, with their paintings: