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We’ve been staying the past couple nights at Eric’s aunt & uncle’s place near Indianapolis, Indiana, and it has been soo nice having a real bed to sleep in and not having to be out on the road for a little while.

Last night we had a Pocket Vinyl show back at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis, where we’d been 5 months earlier for their big Mustache Bash before Thanksgiving. Last night’s show was much different, since it wasn’t a special event it was much smaller. But, we did have a couple guys come out to the show just because they’d heard of us! That is always a cool thing. We always get the “I was here at this bar anyways” people, and here and there are the “I’m coming to your show cuz we’re friends”, but when we get people we don’t know specifically coming out… Well, that just makes us feel like we’re on the right path.

Apparently back in the 1930s & 40s the Melody Inn was a piano based bar, with live piano music being played every night. How coincidental.

The band that was suppose to open the night at 9:00, Troubadour Dali, called the booker to let him know they’d be really late. We waited around until 10:00, and then Eric and I went onstage to do our set. Midway through the first band showed up, but the booker decided to knock them down to the last spot on the bill.

One of the guys who came out specifically to see us ended up winning the bid on the painting from that night:

After us a Ween tribute band calling themselves Final Alarm took to the stage. They were really nice guys, and it was interesting because I don’t know anything about Ween. Troubadour Dali  finished up the night and were off the stage by about 2:00 am.

I was exhausted, but again, so happy we had a nice real bed to come back to.

Tonight, we’re in Bloomington at Bear’s Place. Stop by if you can.