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This past Friday the 13th Eric & I had a Pocket Vinyl show in Bloomington, Indiana, at Bear’s Place. Dave, the guy who ruins & books the Melody Inn, also books Bear’s Place, so it was a twofer for us.

The place was pretty empty, which was odd for a Friday night in a college town… But oh well. The employees and the other bands were there though, and they were really nice. The first band was a very talented group of guys from Bloomington,  Illinois, who got booked because it was thought they were local and would bring a draw. Oopsie. They were awesome though, very talented (even continued playing after a string broke, a cymbal fell off, and a guitar strap wasn’t connected during their first song) and called themselves Off To The Moon:

We played second on the bill and poor Eric busted up his pinky pretty badly just from slamming the piano so hard night after night. The blood blister started leaking from under his nail, so you can really say that his sweat, tears, and blood went into this performance.

The third and final band was a very talented local 7-piece called Xenosound; though they didn’t bring any draw either, since all their friends are underage.

The frontman from Off To The Moon won the bid on the painting:

We were able to spend the night with Eric’s cousin & her little family in Bloomington, and spent the next morning at a huge farmer’s market and antique mall. Not a bad Bloomington trip.