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After leaving Bloomington on April 14th Eric & I headed back to Cincinnati (Sitwell’s Coffee House) for our second Pocket Vinyl show in the city, crossing our fingers that it would be better then the last one. And it was. The coffee house is a pretty neat place with a lot of history, and everyone working treated us really well. Granted, most people there that night had come to study and not listen to a show, but they were kind.

We played a double long set without a break (when we play longer sets I prefer to work straight though) so I could do a more detailed painting then usual.

Sitwell’s owner showed up during our set and was very encouraging, and hopefully she’ll be hooking us up with other venues and maybe even a publishing company for my illustrations. We’ll see. We couldn’t stick around long though because we drove the 2+ hours back towards Indianapolis to stay at Eric’s aunt & uncle’s place. And we’ve been here for the past two days, hanging out and resting up. Our next show is tonight, down in Nashville (at the National Underground) and it looks like in the next month+ we only have 3 days or so off. Goodness. Hope to see you on the road!