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Yesterday, Wednesday, the 18th of April, we had another long drive, down to Marshall, North Carolina. Before we left we met with a man named Wayne, a Houghton College alum who had a major position in the success of the Gaithers and is personal friends with Bill Gaither and a good amount of other Christian well-knowns, including Rob Bell. We pretty much just swapped stories and got some advice on the music business. He encouraged us assured us that we’re doing all the right things. Sometimes that’s hard to remember.

Once on the road we passed through small mountain towns, figured our way around a closed bridge, and saw weary Appalachian Trail hikers loaded with packs almost as big as themselves. Marshall was one of these tiny mountain towns; really it was just a part of the main road that suddenly had a bunch of old mostly abandoned buildings along the sides. Our venue, “Good Stuff” was a hundred year old United Methodist church turned into a bar/heath food grocery/arts center. We arrived around 5:00, since we were scheduled to play at 5:45 before a silent film they were showing. The place was empty except for two women who had no idea who we were and why we were there. After a phone call to the guy who’d booked us, the redhead woman informed us that there was some miss-communication: No one had remembered or even known in the first place that we were suppose to play, so no advertising at all had been done for our show. She told us that we could play if we wanted to, but because of the location and size of the town, it was pretty much guaranteed that no one would be there to see us. This wouldn’t be too big a deal if we just played instruments, but it does cost me money to create a painting every show. And to be honest, we’re both just tired of playing shows no one comes to. We got back in the car and continued on.

Later that evening we received a rejection letter from a booking agency that had earlier seemed certain that it would pick us up to help us get more heavily attended shows. It wasn’t an awesome day.