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On Tuesday, April 17, we had a Pocket Vinyl show in Nashville, Tennessee. It was both Eric & I’s first time in Nashville, so we tried to get there a little early (despite an incredibly long drive and headachey traffic) so that we could stop in at Third Man Records.

It’s a pretty sweet little place, and if you visit Nashville and love records and quirkiness, I definitely recommend stopping in. We thought it was closed at first, but then got buzzed in by a girl named Danny, who acted as our own personal docent as we asked her tons of questions regarding the history of Third Man Records. The space was tiny, with African masks decorating the walls and a creepy little stuffed monkeys music box that would play 40 seconds worth of a new Jack White song if you fed it a quarter. It was… inspiring.

Eric’s childhood friend Jason & his girl Alex entertained us with soup and conversation when we got to his apartment. He was letting us crash at his place for the night, which was awesome.  In the evening we headed over to the National Underground, one of the only venues in Nashville (it seemed) that was open to touring bands. The place was pretty nuts and not what we’re use to in venues. Bands had been performing since 5:00 that afternoon and there was no real connecting with the booker, sound guy, or really anyone who worked there. It was just “bring your stuff in, get on stage when it’s your turn, get off when you’re done.” The guys immediately ahead of us were a 6(7?) piece country band from Georgia who really got everyone rowdy. They were an odd act to follow, but most of their fans seemed to leave as soon as we got on stage anyways. (Alex told me that a friend of her’s makes a drinking game out of how much plaid shirts she sees at bars like this.)

A bit of a live bidding war went on for the painting (it’s always nice when that happens) and eventually was won out by this guy:

I sorta feel bad for this guy, because these paintings take about a week to dry, and he had to catch a plane home to Florida the next day and knows no one in Nashville. I wonder what he decided to do.

The band playing after us was a rockabilly cover band, with a girl in a short green prom dress as the singer.

Besides Jason & Alex, Eric’s childhood friend Will came out for the show as well, and Zach from the band Fable Cry that we’d played with the last time we were in Tennessee. I know it really meant a lot to Eric had some old (& new) friends came out to see us.