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Last night, April 19th, Eric & I had a Pocket Vinyl show in Spartanburg, South Carolina, at the Pocket Park. Appropriate. It was their first show of this kind in this little location (a teeny park between two buildings, almost like an alleyway).

Since we were kind of their “guinea pigs” for these shows there weren’t too many people who knew to come out, but we got some passerbys, so it felt quite a lot like busking. This one young boy was ecstatic about our performance and did interpretive dance next to us, which I could see as I painted in his wildly moving shadow.

The guy who’d set up the show for us ended up buying the painting for our interpretive dancer.

And it was back to sleeping in the car for us again that night. We woke up this morning at a truck stop between Spartanburg and Abbeville. Our show tonight got canceled because of some accidental over-booking at Homemade Genius, but we’ll be meeting up with the booker in an hour or so anyways. We’ll see what happens with that.