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This past Friday, 4/20, we had a canceled Pocket Vinyl show in Abbeville (pronounced Abby-ville by the locals) in South Carolina. Despite Eric and I being completely worn out and exhausted from the way touring had been going (see my previous post that I wrote that day at the Abbeville library) the town treated us amazingly.

Ian, the guy who’d originally booked us at an art space downtown called Homemade Genius, felt terrible about the mix-up and cancellation and worked at making it up to us: He not only gave us gas money for getting to Abbeville, but he also had a videographer come in and record a private couple song long set as part of an artist showcase Homemade Genius has been working on. We set up in the unfinished and beautiful upstairs of the art space, and here’s what came out of that:

Ian also bought the painting from that session and he got us lunch at a Mexican place down the street. He talked to us all about Abbeville and the history of the place and the work he’s been putting in at making it a real central art hub in the area. We explored the little town, spending a good amount of time in the Civil War era church a block from downtown…

Ian spiked our interest when he told us how he’s setting up some very inexpensive artist residents apartments to be opening soon, and the artist community he’s hoping will grow out of that… I wonder what living in South Carolina would be like.