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I don’t really understand why you wouldn’t know this, but in case you didn’t: April 21st was Record Store Day. Eric & I woke up very excited somewhere along the boarder between South Carolina & Georgia and went searching for record stores…

For the past two years Eric has been out of the country (Korea and then Canada) so he was so excited to finally get to be in the good ol’ US of A for the big event. We hit up 5 different record stores that day, between Athens, Atlanta, and Marietta, searching for a few RSD gems we were hoping to snag. The selection the stores we went to received however was exceptionally slim, and we heard from more then one bitter record store owners and employees complaining about how RSD has been more bad for business then good. But I still have hope in it and I still think it can be used as a positive tool in the promotion of music on vinyl.

We ended up grabbing 2 free cd compilations (unfortunately the stores we hit weren’t giving out big grab bags of free 7″s or anything, which was sort of disappointing, compared to our previous RSD years). We also picked up a Sufjan Stevens split 7″ and a couple copies of the Of Monsters & Men record for ourselves and friends who couldn’t find it at their own record stores.

The tough thing is, the stores never know what and how many of what they’ll get. So while one store could receive a single copy of a much sought-after 7″, another store could get a dozen copies. It’s pretty random. But the hunt is fun as well.

Also, the night of April 20th was the Kony Cover the Night campaign, and there were posters up here and there, evidence of people doing their part to spread awareness: