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After waking up from our amazingly restful night’s sleep at our very own fancy hotel room near the University of Arkansas on April 26, we did some backtracking to Little Rock again for a Pocket Vinyl show that night. I’ve mentioned how I love the south and experiencing these completely foreign (to me) cultures down here, right? Seriously, I can’t believe this is all the same country still. Well, all along the highways around here there are these amazingly beautiful little pink and white flowers. Driving by, with the sun shining through their translucent petals bent over by the wind, they look like million of little droplets of clear pink tinted water. I love them so much. Eric stopped on the side of the road, but these photos do not do these gorgeous little flowers justice.

Once in Little Rock, we had some time hanging out before the show started, and even when we got to the venue at the time we were suppose to, the place was locked for even another hour. We smoked a cigar sitting on the trunk of the car on the street while we waited. As we began to load in a guy came up asking if he could borrow Eric’s cellphone. I’ve done that a lot in the past, so I always feel very sympathetic for people in situations like that. To replay us he sang us a rap he’d made up (he calls himself Derrick the Christian Rapper).

The venue itself, Dedicated Visual Arts Studio, was a bit of a crazy DIY warehouse that had graffiti all over everywhere, a couple quarter pipes, and I think people lived there too:

The guy who set up the show for us kept telling us we needed to wait to start, so I don’t think we even began to play until close to midnight maybe. We were pretty exhausted, but the people there were awesome. And three people from the Friction show the other night came as well! They were really cool, and they even ended up winning the bid on the painting

And they gave us a place to stay! So wonderful, so awesome, and we are just so grateful to again not to have to sleep in the car! (My teeth grinding has been getting worse while we’ve been on the road, and I’ve had this permanent bruise-type feeling in my temple from the pressure and the stress. Basically, fitful nights sleep and sleeping in the car has not been good for my head, so I am so happy to have a good place to spend the night.) I can’t believe how generous people can be.