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On April 25th we got treated like rock stars.

On a tip from a friend (whom you’ll meet here later) we got a show at the University of Arkansas. When we arrived we were able to check in to our all-expenses paid hotel room that was basically like a small apartment! Complete with full kitchen.

Then we met up with the committee who’d booked us to play at the U of A coffee shop for (again) an all-expenses paid dinner at a really nice Italian restaurant. From sleeping in the car and eating raw baby carrots to this? Like I said, rock stars. We were so incredibly grateful.

After dinner we headed to the coffee shop at the University to set up and play our show. As we were setting up someone called my name, and I looked up to meet our good friend Shawn’s wife’s brother and his wife! It always completely amazes me when a stranger, on someone else’s recommendation, comes to one of our shows. Honestly, the only way Pocket Vinyl is going to go anywhere is by word of mouth; it’s weird to realize that the average person who listens to our music or comes to a show or looks at the paintings on-line and tells someone, is the person who controls how we do and where we go with our lives. Crazy.

We played our set, there was a good amount of people in and out, and here’s the painting that came out of it:

We met quite a few cool people at that show. From a Korean girl who’s new to the United States (Eric was so excited to talk to her, we both really miss Korea), to our awesome hostesses, Ashley and Bianca (they were so helpful and awesome to hang out with!)

And then, an amazing night’s sleep in our awesome hotel room. Such an awesome night for us, not only as a show, but for our own health. I’m sad it’s over.