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Ross and his wife Casey were in Oklahoma City that night because they had a craft festival that they were being a part of the next day; they’d gotten a hotel room in Oklahoma City and invited us to share it with them, which was awesome. Take every comfortable night’s sleep and every hot shower as a blessing. Especially since my sore head/migraine ailments seemed to be getting worse (from grinding my teeth when I can’t sleep well).

Ross and Casey left before us to set up, and we went to see them in the late morning. Ross makes awesome prints as posters & t-shirts (a lot of you may have seen Eric wearing the Ron Swanson t-shirt that Ross made); check out his Pop Prints on Facebook. And Casey makes really sweet and brightly colourful jewlery, and you should check out her Etsy site, Oso Handmade.

Besides the arts and crafts section, the festival had a ton of other things going on as well, including a bunch of stages with music and a carnival area. We wandered all around for quite a while. I wish so much we could’ve gotten something from everyone there. Supporting arts is important, and there was a ton of cool stuff!

As we were leaving the festival Ross & Casey told us that we had to take a small 5 mile detour off the highway to travel down Rout 66 a bit and stop at Pops, where we’d be able to find hundreds if not thousands of different kinds of soda pop from all over the United States (and some from around the world as well). We’re not huge soda drinkers, but we do love trying out regional oddities, so we took the detour. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

We of course picked up a make-your-own 6-pack to try some of these interesting looking sodas out, and I have to say, each and every one was quite delicious, despite what we recently heard from Judge John Hodgman that regional sodas are gross.

Most of the rest of the day was extremely uneventful as we drove out of Oklahoma and into Kansas. What flat states. After a while even the oil pumps, which I’d never seen in real life before, couldn’t hold my attention. Though the Wizard of Oz paraphernalia at the Kansas Welcome Center was neat and cheesy. Also, there were no tornado warnings while we were here.

Our Pocket Vinyl show that night was at a good sized coffee shop called Mead’s Corner in Wichita (and I had Seven Nation Army stuck in my head pretty much from the moment we arrived). It was small, but not bad. Unfortunately my head issues were distracting me quite a bit, but I was still able to fit a monster into my painting that night. I love monsters.

After our show another guy played for a while, and we did stick around some. But these migraines I’ve been having over the past week are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and I was just feeling weary and exhausted from traveling, so we headed out before he was finished. We had nothing the next day, and then another Wichita show Monday night, so Eric decided we would spend a little extra and get a hotel for Saturday and Sunday nights, and spend all of Sunday resting. It was so good for me, I’m a huge advocate of taking a Sabbath to rest up; getting two good nights rest and not having any responsibilities was something I really needed, and although we do try to save every bit of money we can, we both realized that in the long run this would be better for us. The migraine is still lingering on the left side of my head, but it’s much better then it was.

Now it’s Monday and we have our second Wichita show tonight! We’ll be at Rock Island Live playing around 10:00. Only 14 shows left on this tour, hope to see you on the road!