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Last night’s Pocket Vinyl show in Wichita (again) went remarkably and unexpectedly well for a Monday night! We feel like we’ve been blessed constantly with some good Monday shows, which has been amazing since typically Mondays are the worst for shows.

We played at Rock Island Live, just a few blocks over from where we’d played a few days earlier at Mead’s Corner. The venue had even creatively put together a poster using a commissioned painting I’d done not long back:


As it turned out, the other local band, The Travel Guide never showed and no one had any idea why. Our booker (who was amazing) thinks they might’ve just forgotten about the show.

We were a little nervous no one would be there, since (like I said) it was a Monday night, the local band that was suppose to bring a bunch of people wasn’t showing, and it was pouring! I’ve never seen such crazy bright purple lightning. Admittedly, it being Kansas, I was slightly worried about tornadoes. But we were fine.

And a good amount of people showed up! The other local band, the ones who actually came to play, Elliot Road, had done a good amount of promotion. They were really awesome too. Brothers who did some folk and a cover of Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time (that everyone sang along to). It fit in perfectly with Eric’s cover of Toxic.

Then we were afraid that all the people who came out to see Elliot Road would leave once we got on stage, but these guys have some really awesome friends. And everyone there was sweet and seemed to love the show. We felt so welcomed. Here’s the painting that came out of it, which I have to admit, might be one of my favorites. Definitely one I kinda wished I could’ve kept.

To me, the boy in this painting looks so much like little Jaiden. We just found out yesterday that he’ll be in my parents care this summer, which is so awesome and means that we’ll be seeing him in just a few weeks! He’s such a great kid.

After the show our booker gave us the keys to his apartment, saying we could crash on his couches. So wonderful to not have to sleep in the car, and to shower! Unexpected generosity like that is amazing.

Today we’re in Topeka. We already drove past the Westboro Baptist Church (creepy!) and now we’re hanging out in the library doing work (how we spend most of our days) until our show tonight at the Boobie Trap! The Elliot Road guys told us it’s a sweet venue. I wonder what adventures we’ll experience next.