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Yesterday, the first of May, was our Pocket Vinyl show in Topeka, Kansas.

Kansas is flat.

Very, very flat. It’s amazing how flat it is. I kept exclaiming that Eric needed to look out the car windows at how flat it was. It’s amazing.

Anyways, last night we played a show at the Boobie Trap in Topeka. We were told beforehand that it was a bit of a metal bar, and it did look like your typical dark little dive, but the owner, Brian, told us that since a lot of bars have been shutting down in the area, they’ve been getting a much wider range of people and so have been pulling in a much wider range of styles of music and entertainment. Brian was really awesome and made us feel right at home. And the place had a really good sized crowd, especially considering it was a Tuesday! There was an open mic going on before and after us, that attracted some people:

Brain told us that they’ve had quite a few Juggalo bands at Boobie Trap, and described some of the mayhem that’s gone on with those shows. During our set we got to encounter a small taste of it first-hand. To begin with, I was having a tough time concentrating on the painting because of a few remarks being directed at me or about me that I overheard. Then partway through the set a guy yelled out that he wanted a giant penis in the painting. Finally, when we only had a song or two left, one of these guys from a Juggalo band came up to me, was obviously incredibly drunk, and began trying to communicate (yes, he was so drunk he was having a problem putting words together) that he wanted some  image of a very large kind of beer bottle… maybe? Like I said, he was hard to follow. And very persistent. I was extremely glad when Brian grabbed the guy by the shoulder and pushed him away.

Here’s a tip, whether you’re drunk or not, I never, ever take requests for show paintings. You want a commission, that’s a different story. Do not ever try to suggest or demand something for me to paint.

Anyways, here’s the painting that eventually came out of the night. As you can see, no penises or beer bottles.

Despite that the show actually went really well. Everyone who talked with us afterwards were super nice and had a lot of good things to say, and Brian was awesome the whole time. We’d definitely love to come back and play at the Boobie Trap again.

Around 1:00 in the morning we headed out, found a little parking space between a couple of slumbering tracker trailer trucks in a Walmart parking lot, and fell asleep. Today, we’re heading for the Riot Room in Kansas City, MO.