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On May 2nd we had a Pocket Vinyl show in Kansas City, Missouri at the Riot Room. Coincidentally, in the few days leading up to this show, Eric and I discovered that we actually know a whole bunch of people in and around Kansas City, and from all different parts of our lives! Very strange. A good old Houghton friend (Steve, who went to high school with Eric and was one of the very first people I met when I started college) was there and he brought a new set of friends! A couple friends Eric & I both knew while we were all living in Korea, a friend from Eric’s on-line community (who’d also come to an Iowa show back in November), and the brother (and his girlfriend) of one of my very good friends who taught at a camp with me when I first got to Korea! It was cool and so strange to have such a mixture of people come out for the show.

The Riot Room had a really good amount of people there for the show. Someone made a gif flyer for the show (the first ever made for one of our shows, that we know of) that you should check out, here. We were on the bill with 3 other bands, and we played third, right after a band calling themselves Oils (they were awesome):

Right before we played, I handed my camera off to Steve and he took a whole ton of photos (including some especially “rock-star” looking photos of Eric). It’s always cool to see another person’s perspective of the show (since we pretty much never get to see that).

Steve was awesome in really wanting to “support the arts”. (He’s an artist himself and also does a lot with theater – in college he was the director of the Shakespeare play A Midsummer Night’s Dream where I was the part of Puck, which was my most favorite part I’ve ever been in a play. I miss it.) Here he is with the painting (which he won the bid on) while wearing his new Pocket Vinyl t-shirt!

We stuck around until the end of all the bands playing and had a really great talking chatting with old friends and new friends late into the night. Carolyn, one of our good friends we knew in Korea, had invited us to spend the night (oh, she’d also fed us delicious vegetarian Jackfruit tacos before the show!) on her couch and take showers; which, as you should know if you’ve been reading this blog, is such an amazing offer for us!! She even made us cranberry-orange muffins to take with us the next morning! She is the best!!