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Last night, May 3rd, we had a Pocket Vinyl show in Columbia, MO, at an art space/music school/bar called the Bridge. Primus was playing just down the street, so they actually had us start a little later (and they let anyone with a Primus ticket come in to see us for free). So we had a bunch of waiting around time.

Before we played a couple guys from the local public network TV station came in and asked us to do an interview. They also recorded our entire set and they’re going to splice the show and the interview together into a little artist spotlight type thing for the station. We’re gonna be on TV! Haha. It was cool, and the guys were super awesome and friendly. They said it’ll be available on-line hopefully soon, so once that’s up I’ll post a link to it.

Honestly, everyone at this place was incredibly welcoming and friendly, and the crowd was a really good size. It felt good; it was really something we both needed.

The painting went into a pretty dramatic bidding war, and eventually was won out by this girl Bess:

Bess actually offered us a place to sleep that night, but admitted that she’s a night owl and would be staying out for quite a while longer. Considering it was after midnight, we said thank you, we were very grateful for her kindness, but being completely exhausted and rained we were gonna pass.

Everyone told us that we need to come back, and that they’ll get us a much bigger crowd next time. So friendly and so nice.

A single singer/songwriter, calling himself the Chicago Farmer, played after us. He’s been going full-time for about 7 years now. It’s always so incredible to hear from other full-time musicians who make it work.

After leaving we drove a little towards our next stop and slept in the car along the way. Another night, another show, another whole mess of awesome experiences.