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On May 4th Eric and I woke up in a Walmart parking lot somewhere between Columbia and St Louis to the gentle sound of rain hitting the roof of our car. The pitter-patters grew stronger and louder and faster, until we were both fully awake starring out at floodwaters beating down on the windshield. Not even the windshield wipers at their fastest speed could fight the torrential downpour. Then suddenly, it seemed at though someone had just chucked a rock at the driver’s side backseat door. Then another, and another, and faster, and faster. We were being bombarded, and it took us a minute to realize that this storm had added hailstones into the mix. We started wondering if we were getting dents in the car or, worse yet, if the windows would become smashed in. Plus, the wind was so strong and the rains coming down so heavily that we feared that if we tried driving anywhere the car would just get swept away. So we waited it out, and hoped everything would be ok. Eventually the hail slowed down, then the rain pittered out. And it was another start to a day on tour.

That night we had a Pocket Vinyl show in St Louis, Missouri, at a pizza place/bar called Lemmons. The bartender treated us great, giving us a couple local brews and a huge pizza loaded with tons of veggies. And a to-go box, so we didn’t stuff ourselves! We sat at the bar next to a couple who’d just gotten married at the courthouse that very afternoon! The had “bride” and “groom” baseball caps and were really sweet to talk with. They seemed like they’d been together for years and years and just decided “Hey, let’s get married!” The bride’s brother was our soundguy, which is why they decided to come celebrate quietly at Lemmons.

We were on the bill with 3 other acts that were all very talented. The second group brought a ton of people, and a lot of them trickled out by the time we got up to play 3rd, but people were still kind and responsive. Jason, the singer/songwriter who’d played first, ended up getting the bid on the painting that night. He also offered us the floor of his 3rd story recording studio to crash on, and a shower the next morning, which was awesome. We’ve really been taken care of lately.