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Our awesome friend Nicole made this awesome song about Supermoon yesterday. I hope she doesn’t mind me posting it. I think it’s awesome and hilarious.

So, that happened last night. Another thing that happened was Eric and I had a Pocket Vinyl show at the Verve in Terre Haute, Indiana last night. Since it was also Cinco de Mayo and graduation night for a lot of college kids, the bar was packed and very very drunk.

The other band that played was an incredibly bunch of talented and very fun people calling themselves the Yearbook Committee; they were the kind of band that really made Eric and I wish we could be in a full-time big fun and family-like folk band with tons of cool instruments. They actually played some before and after our set.

The guy who ended up winning the bid on the painting turned out to be from Connecticut! Small world.

We had to duck out early (and by “early” I mean 1:30 am) pretty soon after our set to get on the road; we drove all the way to Eric’s Uncle Norm & Aunt Peggy’s place north of Indianapolis to spend the night and the next couple of days that we have off. We got here at quarter to 4 in the morning. It’ll be so nice to have a bit of a tiny break for a bit. We’re definitely in the home stretch of this tour! Only two weeks left!