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As the sun slowly rose on May 12 above our car, I realized today would be a very groggy and difficult day… I slipped into the family bathroom in Walmart and took a “hobo shower”, scrubbing shampoo into my hair as I bent over the sink. I have to say, I am not a fan of motion sensor faucets when I have shampoo running into my eyes and I’m waving my hands frantically around trying to activate the water. What’s wrong with plain old fashioned knobs?! Eric was super sweet, despite my tired grumpiness, and had these flowers waiting for me when I got back to the car:

We spent a slow day getting a Waffle House brunch and poking around thrift stores and a 24 block-wide yard sale. Again, still paranoid that a show will cancel last minute, we headed to our venue hours before we were scheduled to play. The show was still on, thank goodness. We were scheduled to play with two other bands at the Bazaar, a basement consignment and record shop that was pretty sweet, and has had a good amount of bands come through that have gone on to make it big (Brown Bird played there in 2010, and Eric picked up one of their first albums, now out-of-print).

There was a nice little pillowed nook to chill out and drink calming tea in while we waited for the show to start…

The first band that opened the night were a very talented bunch of guys calling themselves the Maplewaves, and the next group were more experimental, and called themselves Rugby:

By the time Eric and I got on stage for our Pocket Vinyl show I was so tired I thought I was going to pass out… I was literally fighting to keep my eye lids open as I painted. It was the toughest show I’ve ever done. But I got through it, and here’s the painting that came out of it:

Our friend Jordan of the Gaffer Project (we played with him our first time at SheSha) lives in Roanoke and came to this night’s show, also offering us his basement den to spend the night in. We could not have been more grateful. I passed out on the couch immediately, I don’t think I’ve ever slept deeper. And a hot shower the next morning!! Goodness gracious, it was amazing.