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By May 10th we were both just a little paranoid about our next show. We were suppose to be playing a Pocket Vinyl show that night in Charlottesville, VA, at a place called Para Coffee… But would we really? Or had they forgotten about us? Did the venue even exist? Yeah. Luckily we found a phone number for this place and called to confirm that we did in fact, have a show.

The place was a sweet little coffee shop, and the music venue part of it was upstairs. A singer/songwriter on a guitar was already playing the opening slot when we arrived, and we played after him. It was a small crowd, and I admit that I was feeling not only rusty from having not painted in a couple days, but also kind of unsure of myself as I inwardly battled my feelings at being “rejected” by the past two shows. I confess, I have a rather shaky self-esteem. I also feared no one would bid on the painting, but at the last minute a very sweet couple stepped in, asking if they could buy the painting before they even realized that it was up for bid. They were generous and kind, and I’m happy not only that we didn’t have to take the painting with us, but that such a sweet couple got it.

We hung out a little with the sound guy afterwards. He was really cool, and we might look into working with him musically in the future. He also used to live with the leader of the Hill & Wood, a band we played with this past fall tour in Philly. Small world.