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From Murfreesboro we headed to Richmond, VA on an extremely rainy and dreary May 9th. We had a Pocket Vinyl show scheduled that night at a DIY venue called the Subterranea Collective. I admit, the cold pouring rain made it difficult to keep in high spirits… I like rainy days when we have a warm couch to sink into, blankets, tea, maybe a good book or a movie… But when your only options are a florescent lighted library with hard plastic chairs and then, when that closes, the cramped quarters of your car with nowhere to go and nothing to do but wait until your show… Then rainy days aren’t super fun.

Finally, it was close to the time we were suppose to start and we headed to the address of the venue that we were given. The place was dark and empty-looking, and when Eric banged on the door a guy came to tell him that there hadn’t been a Subterranea Collective show at that location in 3 months, and he had no idea who we were. 

We didn’t have a phone number for our contact, so we parked behind a closed Starbucks and using their wifi, Eric sent him an e-mail. Pretty soon Eric’s phone rang and we heard an extremely apologetic voice on the other end. Apparently he had mixed up his months and thought we were playing on the 9th of June. Oops. Eric and I were both extremely pissed, especially after the show cancellation from the night before and the crummy cold rain all day. (Sixteen plus hours of driving for two cancelled shows… When we could’ve been spending those days catching up on sleep at Eric’s aunt & uncle’s place!!) But I have to say, I was very impressed with how Eric handled the situation and with how forgiving he chose to be. I couldn’t be more proud to call this guy my husband.

After hanging up we discussed our next move. Obviously we’d be sleeping in the car again… But neither of us were tired yet. We decided to then take advantage of Starbuck’s wifi and watched some Netflix in the car, in the rain. We even discovered we could use our iPod’s tape adapter, plugging it directly into the car stereo and use the car speakers as our very own surround sound! Alright, not a terrible end to an otherwise crummy day…