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When we were last in Blacksburg, VA, earlier in the tour, we’d convinced Jon from SheSha Hookah Lounge to let us open the DJ night on our way back through. So after another night of sleeping in the car, we woke up on May 11th and drove on to Blacksburg. Still slightly paranoid, we stopped in at SheSha to make sure we did in fact have a Pocket Vinyl show. (The painting I’d done last time we were there was hanging proudly on the wall near the stage.)

After confirming the show for that night, we headed to the library, remembered that the wifi at the Blacksburg Public Library is terrible, then headed to a Starbucks. (We may or may not have been using our spare change to take advantage of Starbucks’ “frappy hour” for the past week.)

Another reason I haven’t been blogging this week? I’ve been super busy finishing up a couple dozen ink illustrations for a collection of Naskapi legends about the Wolverine. As a matter of fact, I finished the last few today! I’m really really excited about these illustrations, and I’m very proud of how they’ve turned out. I’ll be getting them scanned soon, so no detail will be lost, but until then, here’s a sneak peak: (In this drawing Wolverine has just convinced a bunch of geese to give him their old feathers, which he attaches to himself so he can fly.)

So, that’s what I worked on most of the day at Starbucks.

In the evening we headed back to downtown. It just so happens that May 11 was also Virginia Tech’s graduation day (Congratulations graduates!) and there were kids in caps and gowns as well as parents all over the place. Jon greeted us when we got to SheSha (we never ran into Amy, since she’d just graduated and was busy with family festivities) and he fixed us up with delicious middle eastern food. I love middle eastern food so incredibly much!!

The show we played was very much like our show the last time we played at SheSha, and we got into lots of conversations with people in the crowd before and after. I’m so very happy with how this painting turned out. (Earlier that day I’d seen a handful of photos my mom posted of our little Naskapi friend, Jaiden. I’d be lying if I said the boy in this painting wasn’t inspired by him. We’re so excited to see him soon!)

Eric & I decided to head out before the DJ act.We figured we were exhausted and really dirty from having slept in the car so many times since leaving Indianapolis, so we were going to drive on to Roanoke, where our next show was, and get a cheap hotel room. But it wasn’t until we arrived at a hotel and were turned away to realize, oh shoot, it’s graduation weekend… there were no hotel rooms available… Crap. Grumpy and exhausted, we headed to the nearest Walmart parking lot to sleep in the car. Again. But as worn out and tired as I was, my body would not allow me to get to sleep. I probably slept less then 3 hours that night. The. Worst.