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Ok, there’s needs to be some updating going on here. Sorry for the week-long silence. The last handful of show on this past tour flew by like crazy, and since we’ve been home I have to admit that we’ve seriously been catching up on much needed rest. It also seems like my body has decided (as it often does) to wait until I’m out of a high-energy/stressful situation to attack me with illness. I’m ok, just… slower. But, while I’m resting up in bed, I can at least get some blogging done!

I left off when we were still in Baltimore, staying at my brother Ben & sister-in-law Tamika’s place. On May 15th we had a Pocket Vinyl show with Ben & Tamika (aka, the Black Marks, their band), our second time at Sidebar Tavern, in downtown Baltimore. Before the show we met up with our very good friends Shawn & Rachel to eat some Thai food. Thai food is amazing. I don’t understand why I don’t eat it all the time.

It was a long night, with a lot of bands. And we played later on the bill, which kind of made us feel bad since we had friends at the show (c’mon now, wouldn’t an ideal show start at 5:00 so I could be in my PJ’s by 8? Haha). As a matter of fact, our friends Melissa & Rory came, but actually left before we even started because it was too late for them. But we’d be seeing them again soon…

There were two bands (Peasants & Main Section Mayhem) that opened the night that were actually not originally on the bill, but had joined last minute, and one of the guys in this Alabama-based band played the saw!! We’d never played with a saw band before.

Sea Couch, another husband & wife duo, were the original openers. They were super sweet.

The Black Marks were up next; it’s always fun to see my brother & sister-in-law perform. This was our third show with them:

We played after the Black Marks and Shawn took a handful of photos for us during the show. Thanks Shawn!!

And after many different times of trying to outbid other fans at past shows, Ben & Tamika finally won a painting! I’m so happy they like it. They are so cute:

To finish up the night Boxelders played a beautiful closing set. They are such talented (and sweet and kind and friendly) guys. I feel like I always forget just how beautiful their music is, and then I hear it and am reminded. What a wonderful night of friends and talent.