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May 18. This day we headed home. We wouldn’t get there until much much later (technically it would be May 19), but the next time we slept would be in our own bed. That thought consumed our minds most of this day.

We woke up with my parents and Jaiden, and spent much of the morning hours with them…

Eric read him some of the free comic books from FCBD to him.

When we were arriving in Lancaster the day before we’d spotted a Waffle House!! So we suggested that for breakfast (delicious greasy diner food!)

And finally, hanging out in the Waffle House parking lot, Eric tried to burn out some of Jaiden’s energy by teaching him jumping jacks. (Have you seen someone who’s never done jumping jacks before try to imitate someone else doing jumping jacks? It’s hilarious.)

Finally we had to say our goodbyes. They were headed down to Baltimore, where we’d just been, to visit Ben & Tamika. And we were headed to our second-to-last Pocket Vinyl show of this tour in Feeding Hills, MA.

It was a longer drive then normal for us, and what with the not-super-great night’s sleep combined with the knowledge that it was just a few hours until we’d be in our own bed… Well, we were exhausted and worn down.

Our friend Chris Pare called as we were getting close to see if we had time to hang out with him and his small family before the show. We met them at their favorite Vietnamese restaurant (so much delicious food these past days!!) before we all headed to the Underground Cafe.

The venue was a cafe in the basement of a church, and it also had a radio station broadcasting out of it. We were told that they’d been running an ad on the station all week for our show. Awesome. Chris told us he’d played here as well, years ago. I guess Eric and I are more use to the laid back attitude of many of the bars we’ve been playing at (Yeah, it says we start at 8:00 but we might start at 11:30…) so it did throw us off slightly to be reminded to keep exactly to the schedule. It worked though. And the place was packed and everyone was super nice. Chris took a handful of photos for us too, which is awesome:

Chris, Kate, & Alice also took their second Pocket Vinyl painting home that night! They’re such sweet people.

And we drove the hour and a half-ish back to Preston, Connecticut, for the first time in almost 2 straight months, and collapsed exhausted and grateful into our very own bed. We made it…