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On May 17th we had to say goodbye to one part of my family… so that we could go meet another part of my family. So, goodbye to my niece & nephew (who were painting on the front porch here).

Goodbye to the adorably creepy-toed kitty:

And goodbye to the whole clan (we’ll miss them!)

And we headed north/west for our next Pocket Vinyl show, in Lancaster, PA. We met up before the show with my parents! And with (now 4 year-old) Jaiden! They had just come down from Schefferville for the summer and worked it out so that they’d cross paths with us in Lancaster. Our show that night was in Annie Bailey’s and they came with us to get dinner before we started. My mom had to put Jaiden to bed before we started, but my dad stuck around, and he was joined by Chris (two shows in a row!) and a couple other kids from the Arts House and Sean from our California, PA show and his mom!

Now, we love playing at Annie Bailey’s. They pay us and treat us really well with a food/bar tab (and they’ve got a really delicious menu and awesome beers on tap), but because of the restaurant/pub atmosphere, we expect to pretty much always be background music. But this was the first time we really had an attentive and enthusiastic audience! They were all really great, cheering and clapping and getting the painting bidding up. Sean & his mom were the ones who ended up going home with it (also, check out Sean’s Pocket Vinyl shirt in this picture!)

Once we’d completely packed up we walked just a few blocks up the street with my dad to the hotel they were staying at. They had very graciously offered us the extra bed in their hotel room and we couldn’t be more grateful. However, it seemed constant sleeping in the car and on floors had set our bodies in a certain way; the hotel bed was far too comfortable and we had such a hard time getting any sleep! Ha! Oh well.