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After Sidebar we headed back to spend another night at Ben & Tamika’s. They are so amazing, always opening up their house to us for a place to stay when we need it. We love them.

May 16th.

I’d been wanting to get a few things at a thrift store so instead of just heading to the little one down the street, Tamika decided we needed to make a family trip out to the huge Walmart Supercenter-sized double thrift store in Silver Spring! (It was kind of on our way to our Pocket Vinyl show that night, so it worked out.)

Clock-wise from left: My niece & nephew, Nya & Arion, ready to go. Eric with Ben & Tamika’s 6 toed (on each foot) kitten. We love cats so much!! And finally, the prized possession we discovered at the thrift store (a close second is a vinyl record with nothing but whale noises): the Space Jam soundtrack!! I still know almost all the lyrics to every song! (Also, see what we did there with the photo?)

Our show that night was in Fairfax, VA and after some painful time spent in standstill traffic, we finally made it to Epicure Cafe. We arrived early so that we could meet up with Melissa and Rory again! They’re awesome people, and guess what they wanted to get for dinner? Thai food! Twice in a row. Love!

When we went back to the cafe for the show we were surprised by our Lancaster, PA friends, Chris & Liz! That was really awesome.

The show itself was… I’ll be honest, a bit difficult. We played a longer set and I had more time to put more details into the painting, which is cool. But a handful of people in the cafe had a chance to get intoxicated while we were performing. Let me just say that I personally don’t really like drunk people yelling at me (even if it’s positive yelling) when I’m on stage.

But we got through it. And Rory and Melissa were amazing and became the second people in history to own 3 Pocket Vinyl show paintings!! So awesome. Thanks for sticking with us guys!

After the drive back to Baltimore and Ben & Tamika’s house, we found the both of them still up. We sat and hung out with them, talking late into the night/into the early morning. I love my family so much.