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May 19th. Our last Pocket Vinyl show on this long and adventure-filled 43 show long tour. It was weird, after getting a chance to rest up a little at home, that we had to go out and play one more show. We’d scheduled our homecoming show for what we’ve adopted as our local music scene, in New London, at the Oasis Pub. Admittedly, we were a bit nervous and depressed as we sat next to our gear in the Oasis and it was about time we were scheduled to start and only a few people sat quietly at the bar. But we forgot, bars have much more laid-back schedules. Things really got rolling once our booker, sound guy, and all around NL music center, Sean Murray showed up. Our really good friend Chris & Amanda also came out to see us, and it was awesome getting to hang out with them again.

I didn’t take any photos at the show (besides the painting photos) but here’s one someone took and posted on our Facebook wall:

The painted entered into our biggest Pocket Vinyl bidding war of all time (I got a lot of the live bidding on our video camera, which you can see in our most recent Pockumentary) and it finally went to our friend Corrine (the one who’d interviewed us for Wailing City and who I’d done 2 commissioned paintings for) for the new record high of $351! So much for us thinking this was going to be a dead show.

Her and this guy Zach had been battling it out at the end, so they took the photo together and then gave it as a gift to the bartender (for her daughter I think). Sweet.

Connecticut. They may have a weird reputation of the rest of the United States, but they treat us well here. Thanks for the welcome home.