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Man, tons of people have been having babies lately. I feel like, at this point in my life, it seems as though at least half the people I know are having babies. That is a lot of babies! Remember the baby socks I made? I’ve already made a bunch more for a bunch more babies! Goodness gracious babies.

Recently a friend of mine, who loves babies, asked to commission me to do two baby portraits to give as gifts to the parents of two babies she’s close with: a Goddaughter and a niece. She sent me a photo of each that she wanted me to use, and ask that I do them both in a certain style similar to a soft graphite drawing of her nephew someone had done a few years back. But instead of graphite she wanted them done in charcoal. It was a little tough taming the messy charcoal down enough to get the similar softness that was desired, without giving in to finger smudging (I hate finger smudging).

Here are the two preliminary pencil sketches of the babies:

Once I laid in the charcoal I pinned both drawings up on the wall so I could sit back and study them, making adjustments that I might’ve missed close up:

And finally, the finished babies. I spayed them with workable fixative (I don’t like the non-workable fixative because it gives the finished charcoal drawings a glossy texture, and in my opinion charcoal drawings should never look glossy), packaged them up, and sent them off to their recipients. My commissioner was really happy with them, which is the best I can ever ask for in my work.