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Yesterday Eric and I headed up to the Russian Lady in Hartford for our Pocket Vinyl show as a part of the RAW Artist Showcase in Connecticut. As crazy and chaotic as it sometimes seemed, it turned into a pretty awesome event. Between loading in and sound-checking, we were able to check out a lot of the amazing visual art set up in different rooms around the multi-storied bar. There was a ton of talent showcased that evening, and it was really cool to be able to get up close with so much of it.

Our set was sandwiched between a couple other very talented and fun bands: Little Ugly and Dharma Bird:

We had a couple awesome friends come out to see our show…

…and one of them took a good handful of awesome photos for us while we performed!

Two things: First, it was near impossible to move in that dress, much less paint anything above or below my shoulders! I felt like I had about a 3 inch space were I could comfortably feel as though I was in control of the brush.

Second, my turpenoid can tipped over seconds before getting on stage, and spilled all but a thick layer of sludge at the bottom of the can. For those of you who don’t oil paint, I need turpenoid if I want to thin out paint, make the paint smoother and more easy to work with, or clean my brushes. I felt like I was pretty much a goner, and had a mini panic freak-out as I was setting up the stage. But hey, I can fake it pretty good. Even with arms pins to my body and the major aspect of my materials unusable, I still created my painting:

Boom Bang Bon Jovi. I can do anything. (Lies.)

BTW, fun fact: This was the same exact dress I wore for the Whalies. I just ripped the 80s sleeves of and slipped on that lace thingy I ripped off another vintage-y 80s dress I found at a thrift store years ago. As neat looking as I think it was though, I need to keep in mind to never allow fashion get in the way of movement. If I can’t be comfortable painting on stage, it’s not worth it. I have got to find some comfy dress-up clothes.

After our set I found a sweet rocking chair to chill out in until the fashion shows began. Our friend Virginia Winslow was the one who first told us about RAW, and she started out the fashion show with her line of belly dancing outfits from her Feathers of Artemis company:

And after that a group of girls wearing altered vintage fashions (basically what most of my clothes are) of DelightWorthyn Art/Wares modeled:

Towards the end of the fashion show a guy in a sock monkey hat (sock monkeys creep me out. Gross sock monkey lips…) paraded onto the stage and did his drunken version of a cat walk before security escorted him off.

I have to be honest, I wouldn’t’ve been surprised if he had been one of RAW’s events!

Once the fashion shows ended the event was technically over. Which meant the after party got started on the roof.

Eric and I cleaned up our stuff (I got changed into much more comfortable clothes) and we packed up the car before taking one last loop around to talk with some of the artists who still had work hanging. Seriously so much talent, I wish I could’ve supported a lot of these people by purchasing some pieces.

We stopped up at the roof for about 30 seconds. Long enough to see that it was a typical DJ’ed after party with early 90s dance music… On tour, Eric and I go to a lot of parties like this. I think it’s safe to say we’re slightly partied out of the time being. So we drove home.

Not bad for our first RAW Showcase!

P.S. We were unable to sell all of the tickets we needed to for this event, which means we still have a few mini monster watercolour paintings left! We’re selling them at suggested prices of $10 each, and we can mail them to you if you need us to! Available paintings can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.422267087806629.96584.111270818906259&type=3

And for that matter, we also still have some of our new limited edition t-shirts left, so contact us if you’re interested in one of those as well!