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Alright, confession time: I have been reeeeaaally neglectful in updating this little blog, and while I have had some chaotic spurts of business over these past few weeks, I can’t hide that the real reason was laziness, pure and simple. BUT. I’m updating now and I do have loads of art-themed and non-art themed fun things to blog about.

The first is Cornerstone Festival. I kept the entire thing under loose wraps for these past few months because a) I wasn’t exactly certain things would work out, and b) it did seem that facts were changing daily. Here’s what happened:

Back in… oh I don’t know… sometime early spring. We were on tour and I got a message from a good old friend, Chris, suggesting I apply for this art thing Cornerstone was doing. It was a mural and you had to submit a design. I figured why not and quickly sketched something up, but it was pretty rough and just in black & white (I didn’t really have time to perfect it since we were on the road). I assumed I wouldn’t hear back and forgot about it…

Over a month later (remember how I’d forgotten I’d applied?) I got an e-mail letting me know that, congratulations! I’d won! ….Won what now? That’s when I broke the news to Eric and the two of us spent a few days wondering how we were going to make it all the way out to Illinois and how on earth I’d paint a barn-sized mural!!

I had some back & forths with a Conerstone contact and learned that

-They’d set me up with all the supplies, paint, scaffolding, etc I needed to do the painting.

-The mural would greet everyone entering the festival.

-I’d need to be there early so the mural would be done by the start of the festival.

-We got 2 free tickets to the festival, including camping the entire time.

-They offered us a gas stipend to drive the 20 hours to the festival location.

-They gave me booth space so that I could sell art while we were at the festival.

As you can see, it was looking to be a pretty sweet setup. One condition was, although they liked my design and the art they’d seen of mine on-line, they wanted me to resubmit something a little “edgier”. I quickly sketched up and sent them this, which they really liked:

Imagine this the size of a barn!! I was excited.

Then my Conerstone contact left the country. Then I overheard from my friend Chris that this was actually going to be the last Cornerstone festival ever. Crazy. They’ve been going since 1984.

Then my Cornerstone contact came back and e-mailed me. Not only was this going to be the last Cornerstone festival ever, but the reason this is the last is because they’re completely out of money. Which means they can’t afford to give us a gas stipend or… pay for any art supplies for the mural. The mural project is off, and I got pretty depressed, I have to be honest. I had the opportunity to showcase my art for hundreds of people! Including a large armload of well-known bands!

The Cornerstone people however told me that I still got the 2 free tickets and I was still welcomed to come. Since they’ve run out of money they lost a bunch of their bands and artists, and everyone still on the bill is pretty much performing for free. They invited me to participate in someway if I wanted, so Eric and I had to debate whether or not we could afford to go…

We decided yes, you know, they offered me this amazing opportunity, and even though the opportunity is now gone, it does at least mean they believed in my artwork and wanted my talents. The least I could do is be there for the last Cornerstone festival.

I talked back and forth with the Cornerstone people some more, and we came to some new, and possibly even better solutions!

-I still have the booth space to sell artwork (I’ll post the armload of mini paintings I did on here soon).

-We still get the free tickets and camping space.

-They’ve asked us to perform as Pocket Vinyl (!!) three different mornings (Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday at 10 am) in the children’s tent for just a few songs each. I’ll be creating quick marker line drawings that will be “auctioned off” (for free) to the kids.

-And the highlight: We will be performing, as Pocket Vinyl (!!) for a full-time slot in the art tent on Wednesday night!! Schedule, with our name on it(!), can be seen here.

So, trade a giant mural for a spot (a couple spots!) to perform at a big festival? Ok, I can deal with that.

This past Tuesday Eric and I began the long trip towards Illinois. We had a couple shows to help us pay for gas money along the way (I’ll update on those really soon) and right now we’re at Eric’s uncle & aunt’s here in Indiana. We head to Cornerstone on Tuesday.