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Here’s something I’d wanted to blog about earlier, but kept putting off for one reason or another:

On June 16th, 2012 one of my best friends, Journey, married her love, Nate!

I could not have been happier, not only for my friends and for this event, but also that I got to be a part of the wedding. Seriously though, I’m realizing as I get older, and especially now that I’m married myself, the happiness of my close friends brings me an unexplainable joy. I really just want everyone I know to be filled with joy and to be going in the direction it seems that they should be. I wish there were a better way to describe such joy.

Well, the single wedding day actually turned into a 5 day long weekend! We had a bachelorette party in Corning, where Journey and I had lived together a few years ago, Nate got baptised after the rehearsal, the bridesmaids and bride had a sleepover the night before the wedding at a bed & breakfast and all did henna together…

Journey was an amazingly beautiful bride. I love her curly red hair, and months ago I’d helped her pick out her dress (which fit her amazingly!) Besides just being so pretty, she’s incredibly artsy and she made all the bouquets and boutonnieres out of bits of cloth and peacock feathers and beads! (She made tons of other stuff for the wedding too. She’s so talented!)

Journey let us pick out our own bridesmaid dresses (with a few guidelines) and I think they all looked amazing together! It was a backyard wedding at her parents’ place in WNY and the reception had a fake wall “photo booth” that her dad made that was so much fun! And of course, some great dancing.

An awesome day, and an amazing start to dozens of years together.

Here’s to you, Journey and Nate!

Rest forever, here in out hearts!

The last, and final moment is your’s!

And agony is your triumph!