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Ready for the nerdiest but also possibly most awesome craft ever?

A few weeks ago I saw a photo of this lightsaber freeze pop holders, to keep your little hands from getting cold. Amazing! And I figured, not too difficult to make, right?  By why? Honestly, I probably wouldn’t end up using them, but I wanted to try making them… Then my friend with 4 kids commented on their awesomeness and I saw an excuse and reason to make these things! I love making stuff for friends.

Stuff you need: Black felt, grey felt, red scrap fabric, sewing machine, ruler, scissors, & pencil.

I cut the black felt into six 6″ x 6″ squares, and I cut the grey felt into 1″ x 6″ strips. I only had enough for 8 strips, so I decided to make 2 lightsabers with two stripes, and the other 4 with only 1 stripe and a square button holder… So I also cut 4 grey squares about 1″ x 1″:

Once the pieces were cut I needed to make my buttons.

First I drew small circles onto 2 of the felt strips and 4 of the felt squares. Using small sharp scissors I cut out the circles.

Then I cut my red fabric scraps into small squares about 1″ x 1″ and placed them over the penciled side of the cut circles.

Then I sewed around the circles…

And finally, I cut off the excess red fabric from the backs… And you have your buttons!

Once the buttons are set you can start sewing the grey felt onto the black. Make sure your stripes are the same distance away from the edge of your black felt on each side, so that when you sew it into a pocket it lines up.

I sewed a seam along the top edge for added durability.

And sew the buttons on, either as the squares or as the stripes:

Now you just need to finish it up. Fold your felt in half inside-out and make sure those stripes are lined up.

Then just sew up the edge and the bottom!

Turn it right-side out and you’ve got your finished lightsaber freeze pop holder!

Totally the nerdiest craft I’ve ever made.


Also, if you don’t feel super crafty, I’d totally make & sell these for $5 a piece. Let me know.